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From A Brief Guide to Arguing about Literature, read the Appendix (pp. 293-314): “Writing with Critical Approaches to Literature” For those of you using an online version of the textbook, read the entire Appendix.  For each short story on the reading schedule, write a short paragraph applying a school of criticism (except for Reader Response) as Schilb and Clifford do for “Counterparts” by James Joyce.  Read the examples they give you carefully, and contact me if you are confused about any of the schools of criticism.  A student example of applying Reader Response to “Counterparts” is on pp. 309-310, but you are not allowed to use Reader Response since most students are not able to examine their biases comfortably.  If you think you might be an exception, and you want to try Reader Response, you may send me a draft and I will let you know if it is acceptable.  The list of short stories are the following:                 “2BR02B” “The Cask of Amontillado”               “Balto” “The Lottery” “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”        Choose only from the list of schools in the textbook; they are as follows: New Criticism Feminist Criticism Psychoanalytic Criticism Marxist Criticism Deconstruction Postcolonial Criticism New Historicism Queer Theory Apply a different school of criticism to each short story; for example, if you choose New Historicism for “2BR02B” then choose Feminist for “The Lottery,” and so on.  Make it clear to me which story and which school you are using.  I’ve included an example of how your document should look.  Please double-space.  Journal Example Format  Actions   The journal is designed to generate ideas for the Short Story Analysis.  You are not making a specific claim in each paragraph, but simply exploring ideas that use a particular school of criticism to analyze fiction.  I strongly recommend that you read the sample student essay on pages 312-314  (“A Refugee at Home”) to get an idea of what a claim and evidence look like when taking a particular school and applying it to a short story, which will be your goal after completing the journal.  Once you submit your journal, I will identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you make a decision about your Short Story Analysis.   Important Note: Postcolonial criticism can only be applied to a protagonist who lives in a country that has been colonized by outsiders; therefore, this school will not fit all of the protagonists in our stories, but it is applicable to one of the stories.  Journal length: 500 words (about 100 words per paragraph).   Follow MLA format for setting up your paper and citing any quotes you may include from the short stories.


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