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Assessment task details and instructions
Imagine that you work for a market research company in the UK and have been chosen to carry out a market research. This company manufactures cosmetic products and is exploring the idea of introducing its products to the UK market. At present, the company offers a wide range of cosmetic products including facial skincare, haircare, soap, body skincare, fragrance and makeup and has a strong brand image in Asia since 1980. It is expected that your market research report will be based on the secondary data sources at this stage; the range of material you analyse may include reports provided by various governmental and non-governmental organisations, market databases, stories in the media, and social media, specific incidents (scenarios) etc. Please note, you must conduct your own analysis using secondary data sources and should focus on analysing different market segments, product, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies of cosmetic products in the UK. Further, you should ensure that you recommend the most appropriate primary research strategy for the second phase of this study as your client plans to gain an in-depth knowledge of different customer groups and their cosmetic product buying behaviour by conducting primary research. You must give reasoned arguments for the proposed primary research, including any alternate methods that have been deemed less suitable.
Please ensure all data and other materials from secondary sources will be collected, analysed, managed, retained, stored, disposed of in accordance with current legislative requirements, university governance and ethical requirement policies.
Your market research report should include:
-Title page (not part of the word count)
-The title of the academic report – give it a meaningful title that conveys to the reader what the academic report is about;
-Your name and tutor’s name;
The submission date,
-Word count (not including the excluded sections)
Table of contents: helps the reader locate information in the research report
List of illustrations: if the report contains tables and/or figures, include in the table of contents a list of illustrations with page numbers on which they appear.
Tables: words and/or numbers arranged in rows and columns
Figures: graphs, charts, maps, pictures, and so on.
Abstract/executive summary: a “skeleton” of your report that serves as a summary for the busy executive or a preview for the in-depth reader
Introduction: orients the reader to its contents. It may contain a statement of the background situation leading to the problem, the statement of the problem, research objectives and a summary description of how the research process was initiated.
Method: You must give reasoned arguments for your choice of research method, including any alternate methods that have been deemed less suitable. Selections of your sample should be discussed along with details of how you implemented your method (how? where? when? who? why?).
You must discuss and justify how the field work was undertaken, what happened, and the methods used to analyse data. Reliability and validity issues should be discussed including the steps you have taken to ensure your findings may be relied on by others as accurate and trustworthy.
Results: should be presented in a logical manner using tables and figures as necessary. You should discuss the meaning of the results as you present them. Remember to relate your results back to your aim and objectives and literature review. This section should not be just a description of your results but should include a discussion and evaluation of the findings you have made.
Assessment Criteria
Your marketing report will be assessed based on following assessment criteria:
Key factors to be considered:
Abstract/executive summary and Introduction (15%)
a) A statement of the background situation leading to the problem
b) The statement of the problem, a rationale for doing the research,
c) Aim and supporting objectives
Method (25%)
a) Research design
b) Defence of chosen methodology
c)Appropriate data collected
Results (25%)
a) Meaningful data analysis
b) Logically present the findings of research
b) Use of relevant concepts, models and theories
Conclusions, limitations and recommendations (25%)
a) Conclusions link to aims objectives
c) Clear recommendations
d) Understanding of limitations
Referencing and presentation (10%)
a) Use of appropriate sources
b) Use of correct citation and referencing style
c) Ability to structure synthesise of materials, and grammar


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