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Chapter 1 of the text introduced the three major theoretical perspectives used in sociology: structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Sociologists use theoretical perspectives as tools to understand and analyze social life and social change. This part of the Campaign Issue Analysis requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the three perspectives, appropriately use sociological vocabulary, and apply theoretical perspective to understand and explain your issue. 
To prepare for this paper, first review any feedback received in Part I (included as notes in the body of the paper).  Next, find the chapter of the text that covers your topic. It will include an analysis of how the chapter’s general focus can be viewed from a functionalist, conflict or symbolic interaction perspective. Review to gain greater insight into applying the theoretical perspectives to your chosen topic.
Important note: you will find that one perspective provides a better ‘fit’ than the others – that the lens used (macro or micro) and assumptions and basic framework of how facts are related – better suits your topic. Be sure to identify which perspective is the best fit for your topic (see details below). Also be sure to state whether a particular perspective is not a good fit, and therefore any application will fall somewhat short for understanding the issue. 
Follow the format below for your paper, and be sure to touch on all relevant points. Include the underlined headings shown here in your paper as well.
Begin with a summary reminding the reader of your campaign topic choice. Briefly present the Democratic and Republican positions, including similarities or differences between the two parties regarding their understanding and approach to the issue. Also include any relevant information from your additional source that will help with your analysis and application of the different perspectives. It is your job in this opening paragraph to provide the reader with enough detail that even an outsider – someone with no knowledge of what was written before – would be able to follow the analysis provided. This section should be approximately one-half page in length.
Structural Functionalism
Summary of the perspective. Begin by providing a summary of the basic framework and assumptions of this theory. Identify the factors important to understanding this perspective. 
Support your analysis. This perspective may fit one side of the political spectrum better than the other. What aspects of the perspective help to understand and explain the position taken by the Republican side regarding your topic? Likewise, what aspects understand and explain the position taken by the Democratic side? Demonstrate your understanding of the perspective by providing a detailed application using appropriate vocabulary specific to that theory. This section will be approximately three-fourths of a page in length.
Conflict Theory
Provide the same information as above.
Symbolic Interaction
Provide the same information as above.
Papers should be double spaced, using a standard 11 or 12-point font, 1” margins on all sides. Write a well thought out, organized analysis including the headings shown above. Proofread and use spell check before submitting. You will attach and upload your paper using the link in Blackboard. I have provided approximate page lengths for each section. These are just a guide – you may write more for some, less for others. Over all this paper will be approximately three pages in length. A rubric is included in Blackboard for your information.


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