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Multiculturalism in Children’s Literature (75 Points)For this assignment, you will explore multiculturalism in children’s literature by creating a review for a book (50points) and responding to 2 classmates’ reviews (25points).Part 1 of the assignment (50points) Explore any multicultural book you own or one of these.(Links to Studio Videos for these books are on Canvas) Instructor’s official note: The posting of these books in this particular location is being done solely for “fair use” in educational purposes. No infringement upon the copyrights of the authors or illustrators is intended in this exercise. Select one piece and read the story carefully.
Think about the overarching message, lesson or moral of the story.
What genre is it?
If it has illustrations, what is a specific illustration trying to convey using the topics discussed in this course..
How does this book address the socio-cultural experiences of underrepresented groups? Think about we swe have discussed in our course
Which approach for classroom use might be used- tourist, additive, transformation, or social action
Create a review for the book. The review must be between 200-300 words and uploaded to both the Canvas discussion.
It must also include:A summary, in your own words, for the book.Title, Author, Illustrator
Must include theme, purpose, and audience
Connections to 3 different areas discussed in ENG250
Concepts of Print/phonological awareness
Literary concepts- theme/character/setting
Please include your opinion and thoughts of the book.
Part 2 of the assignment. Respond to 2 classmate’s reviews on the discussion board. (25 point)Select 2 classmate’s reviews to reflect on.
Our online discussions should be conducted in the spirit of collegiality. It is an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts, ideas, and experiences with one another for the sake of advancing our knowledge and understanding. Please fully participate in the online discussion by reading and responding respectfully to your classmates
Please:Include 1 personal thought.
Please include your own specific connection to our ENG250 class.
Grading: Review (50points)Your Review must be uploaded to the Canvas assignment and will be submitted to
Your review must also be posted on the Discussion for your classmates to read and reflect on.
Your reflects(25points)You must reflect on 2 different classmates’ reviews.
Grading rubric available with the assignment on Canvas.
This is an example of a published book review. It is provided for example of what a book review looks like. IT WAS NOT WRITTEN WITH ALL OF OUR ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA.
The Wizenard Series: Season OneCreated by Kobe BryantWritten by Wesley KingAge Range: 8+Genre:Fiction-FantasyCitation:Bryant, K. (2020). Wizenard Series, Season One. Granity Studios.Season One is the latest action-packed book in the New York Times bestselling Wizenard series created by the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant and written by award-winning author Wesley King. A young basketball player must learn to channel his emotions productively, so they don’t break him.Reggie’s parents died in a car crash six years ago, leaving him and his sister Patricia (also known as P) in the care of their grandmother—residing in an impoverished neighborhood. Reggie lives and dreams of basketball; only the sport does not seem to love him back. He plays for the West Bottom Badgers, the worst team in the league, and is benched more often than not. They have lost eight games in a row, including matches from the previous season, and it is highly unlikely they will make the Nationals. It will take some serious self-reflection and teamwork if the West Bottom Badgers are to turn things around. The death of Reggie’s parents weighs on him, as does the mystery of a box they left him—empty except for a curious note. Will he find answers to any of his questions ?The well-written game of basketball is the life and foundation of this story. However, it is the added element of magical realism that creates the heartbeat by bringing a transcendent depth to Reggie’s character, allowing the reader to discover the importance of self-reflection, personal growth, commitment, and a positive mindset. Coach Rolabi Wizenard knows it is a hard road from the bottom. Still, his carefully inserted wisdom and guidance challenges each of the team members to dig deep within themselves, and the result is a set of solid characters with gumption. Heightening the impact of the life lessons placed within the pages are thoughtful and well-chosen Wizenard proverbs placed at the beginning of each chapter, which allows for additional pondering for deep-thinkers: “The deeper the hole, the longer the climb, and the stronger you arrive.” Bryant and King executed a perfect pick and pop—great teamwork—with an impactful ending that feels more like the beginning of something even more exciting.The Wizenard Series: Season One is an inspiring, encouraging, and must-read novel for any baller or sports enthusiast!Reference:Schulze, B. (2020, March 31). The Wizenard Series: Season One, Created by Kobe Bryant: Book Review. Retrieved March 31, 2020, from…


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