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Evaluation Project Requirements:           The paper should be at least 12 double-spaced pages in length with at least 10 references from related journals and books. Required page length includes references but does not include cover page and appendices.   Objectives This assignment is intended to develop students’ hand-on experience in learning HRD program evaluation.  Among other things, the objectives include Obtaining service learning-based experience Gaining in-depth knowledge on real world evaluation and measurement project Applying models and methods covered in the course Practicing analytical and critical thinking Assignments Identify an HRD program in an organization and conduct a program evaluation and measurement project.  You may conduct any levels of evaluation per Kirkpatrick’s taxonomy except for level one. In other words, only reaction level evaluation will be accepted. Ideally, your project report is to be a service for the host organization to improve the effectiveness of the program under evaluation. The evaluation report should at least include the following: Describe a chosen training or HRD program and the organization background. (Answer the question of “what is happening?”) Specify the evaluation question. (Answer the question of “what are you trying to do?”) Discuss the evaluation method.  (Answer the question of “What approach is used?”) Explain the data collection process.  (Answer the question of “where the data comes from?” and “how the data is collected?”) Describe your analysis and the findings/results. (Answer the question of “how do you analyze the data and what have you found?) Discuss recommendations to the program, if any, based on the evaluation results. (Answer the question of “So what?”) You are encouraged to be creative in your evaluation report. However, you must include the above seven components in your final report. The following is a recommended structure for the report: Program Evaluation Report — Content Outline Guide Cover page Executive summary (200 words or less) Table of Content Brief background on the program (2 pages or less) Basic information about the organization and the program Purpose and/or rationale of the evaluation Stakeholders of the program Audiences of the program evaluation Evaluation Design (2 pages or less) Evaluation questions Data collection methods and procedures Variables or measures of success Instruments for data collection Sampling procedures Data analysis procedures and statistics Results (3-5 pages) Description of sample Results of data analysis Discussions, Recommendations, and Implications Appendices if applicable


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