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Centennial College School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Kitchen Management Two Term Assignment Two: Equipment Purchase Proposal Assignment Due Date: Week Twelve (submitted by 11:59 pm of the schedule class) Grade: 20% Learning Objective The student(s) will complete the conclusion of a purchase proposal. The purchase proposal will be provided by your instructor. The purchase proposal is intended for the procurement of a piece of equipment to be submitted to the management team prior to approval and allocation of funds. The student will complete the proposal’s conclusion summary by completing: 1. Conclusion (Summary of benefits) 2. Section 7(Customer Satisfaction) 3. Section 8(Recommendations) Through research and independent study, the student(s) will gain a better understanding of the foodservice industry procurement process and the necessary decision making required for acquisitions. The student by researching and completing a purchase proposal will gain the necessary skills used in the foodservice industry. In addition, the student(s) will gain necessary managerial skills and the ability to facilitate fiscal decision making in the foodservice environment. Guidelines to Write the Proposal’s Conclusion 1. The content conveyed in conclusion, sections seven and eight of the proposal must be relevant and address the management teams needs and target audience. (Please use example) 2. The conclusion, sections seven and eight must be completed in full detail with adequate information to ensure the proposal is fulsome and achieves its purpose. 3. The assignment is to be submitted electronically using word processing software. Due Date of Assignment: 1. The proposal is due Week Twelve. The assignment will be submitted the day of the scheduled class on Week Twelve by 11:59 pm. 2. The assignment draft may be submitted in advance for review and feedback by the instructor without penalty or grade consideration. 3. The assignment will be submitted to eCentennial in the assessment tab. Submitted to the folder Term Assignment Two – Equipment Purchase Proposal 4. The printed full names (first and last) of the student and their student ID# must be on the assignment to receive a grade. Note: Late submissions will be subject to school grading and evaluation policy. Late submissions will be penalized 10% per work week. Failure by the student to abide by Academic Integrity and Honest Policies will result in a zero grade . Steps to Complete Conclusion Summary of Purchase Proposal Conclusion will provide a summary which details a. A summary which provides supportive statements why it is so important for the operation to acquire the piece of equipment. b. Identify and list four distinct advantageous in purchasing the equipment for the operation. (advantages that have been highlighted in the body of the purchase proposal). Steps to Complete Section 7 of Purchase Proposal: Section 7 – Customer and Employee Satisfaction a. Provide details of how the equipment will enhance the customer experience. b. Explain how the equipment will improve quality of the finished food product. c. Explain how the equipment will improve the day to day operations from an employee perspective d. Add any additional content which addresses customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction. Steps to Complete Section 8 of Purchase Proposal: Section 8 – Summary of Recommendations a. Explain how acquisition of the equipment meets the mission and vision statement of the operation. b. Explain how the acquisition of the equipment provides a win/win scenario for customer and operation c. Provide final remarks to convince the management team for the need for purchase of the equipment. d. Write a request as the final remark for the acquisition and approval from the management team. Assignment Checklist 1. The purchase proposal provided must be used to complete the summary, section 7, and section 8 of the proposal. 2. Conclusion summary of the purchase proposal must include four distinct advantages of purchasing the equipment and a summary 3. Section 7 and Section 8 of the proposal is to be complete in full of adequate detail. A title page with the student’s names and student ID is included in the submission.


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