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Chose one of the 3 topics below : – Compare functionalism and conflict theory. How would the two differ in their ‎understanding of inequality?‎ Provide examples from contemporary society.  – Critically examine the similarities and differences in the hopes and fears that the classical theorists had for the future of society? Specifically refer to alienation (Marx), anomie (Durkheim), and rationalisation (Weber) – Racism in Australia has a particular history and social context. Explain this history and discuss the implications of understanding racism as structural rather than individual or incidental. Discuss using critical race theory and/or whiteness studies. Produce a paper (Intro, 3 Body Paragraph, Conclusion) where:  The chosen topic is declared. ‎ Comprehensively understands the topic and its ‎related issues. The response is insightful and informative and does not deviate from the topic. Clear, precise, and well-‎constructed argument. The ‎argumentative structure is ‎excellent and advanced ‎connections between different ‎moments of the argument are ‎made. The argument is highly ‎convincing. Selects ‎ appropriate theory/ies from the course to critically analyse the chosen topic.‎ Professional presentation.‎ Consistently accurate spelling & ‎grammar (British/Australian-English spelling). Consistently ‎appropriate style & tone.‎ Paragraph and sentence structure are highly developed. The research basis is extensive & ‎rigorous (at least 8 sources cited and of those 6 are peer-reviewed).‎ Resources highly pertinent to the ‎topic.‎ Resources reflect ‎current/important critical debates ‎within the topic.‎ Exhibits acute awareness of ‎issues of resource credibility & ‎reliability.‎ Full & correct in-text citations where appropriate and ‎Harvard style adhered to in reference list at the end of the essay. Use a minimum of 8 references from the following sources, 6 of which are peer-reviewed: • All relevant readings from the reader. • All relevant ‘other suggested readings’ from the reader. • Other additional academic sources that are relevant to your argument and located using a library search. • One or two popular representations of the issue under discussion, for example, a document from the Liberal/Labor Party’s website, a document from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission website, a magazine advertisement, an opinion piece in a newspaper. • Relevant statistics sourced from credible sites (e.g. the Australian Bureau of Statistics). – For library access please message me.


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