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You will write an essay about somebody famous that you like or dislike. It could be an actor, a singer, a dancer, a writer, a politician, that could be dead, for example, Michael Jackson. here is the outline: To start thinking about the essay about a famous person, consider the following questions: 1. Who is the famous person you have chosen? What is he / she like (if the person is dead)? Describe it. Do you think he is a good person? ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Compare that person to you? Are they physically alike? And of character, are you similar or similar or are you very different? ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. What important things did that person do in the past? How do you know? ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. What would you say to that person? Would you give him any advice to improve his life? ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. What would you have done instead of that person? Would you have done something different if you were him or her? ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. More Recommendations: What do other people want him or her to do or not do? What did other people (in the past) want him or her to do or not do? ____________________________________________________________________________ 7. Does that person like / liked the same things as you? ____________________________________________________________________________ To write the essay, try to incorporate the answers to questions 1 to 7. You will have to incorporate the following information and grammar points: Description. Use ser and estar. Use at least three (3) adjectives to describe him or her. Use at least one (1) past participle as an adjective (abierto, cerrado, roto, limpio, etc.). Noun/adjective agreement and subject/verb agreement must be correct to receive maximum points. For example: Michael Jackson era un bailarín excelente, siempre fue muy limpio…. Narration in the past. Make sure to give background information about what had been going on in his/her life using the imperfect, for example: Él no podía dormir. Use the preterite to describe his/her actions, for example: Él dio un concierto en Argentina. Use the present perfect and the past perfect at least one time each, for example: Michael ha estado bailando por muchos años. Él había tenido problemas con drogas antes de su muerte. Narration using the conditional. Use the conditional at least one time, for example: Yo diría que Michael era muy infeliz. Narration using the conditional perfect and the past perfect subjunctive. Describe how your life would be or what you would have done if you were the famous person that you chose. Use the conditional perfect and the past perfect subjunctive at least one time, for example: Yo habría viajado por el mundo si hubiera tenido el dinero de Michael. Reacciones y recomendaciones. Use the present subjunctive, for example: Mi madre no quiere que yo sea bailarina and the past subjunctive, for example: El padre de Michael quería que él fuera bailarín, after appropriate trigger phrases. Hablar de los gustos. You can talk about his/her likes or dislikes and/or yours, for example: A Michael no le gustaba tomar sol, pero a mí me encanta tomar sol.


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