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I’m working on a history multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.1.According to Plutarch, the first person known for establishing any navy was . . .a.Odysseus, King of Ithaca.b.Polyphemus, son of Poseidon.c.Minos, King of Crete.2.Which of the following characteristicswasNOT(!)part of the African cultural traits at the heart of ancient Egyptian civilization?a.the worship of the king or the chieftain as a living god on earth;b.religious beliefs emphasizingjudgementof the deadand eternal life after death with the gods;c.ritual circumcision of young men at puberty in communal rites-of-passage ceremonies.3.The primary deity at the top of the Minoan pantheon of deities appears to have been . . .a.the Earth-mother goddess.b.Poseidon, god of the sea.c.Thetis, goddess of the sea.4.The cline of the Nile Valley is characterized by the following feature:a.Ships sailing up the incline of the valley travel with the wind but against the Nile current.b.The populationslocated up the incline of the valley showmeasurable changes in the languages and dialectsthey speak and in their traditions and cultures.c.The populationsalong the valley show incremental changes in their physical characteristics from lighternorthernfeatures to darker southern features.5.”The foreign countries made a conspiracy in their islands. All at once the lands were removed and scattered in the fray. No land could stand before their arms, from Hatti, Kode, Carchemish, Arzawa, and Alashiya” is a quote that pertains to which historical process?a.Ramesses III’s war against the People of the Seab.Thucydides’ account of the Athenians’ war against the Spartansc.Alexander the Great’s war against Persia6.When Odysseus landed home on Ithaca, he initially told a lie about himself, in which . . .a.he identified himself as the lost king of the Cretans shipwrecked on Ithaca.b.he claimed to be a pirate from Crete who raided Egypt and became a mercenary for the Egyptians.c.he said he was the husband of Calypso kept on theisland of Crete for seven years.7.How did the ancient Egyptians count up the numbers ofenemy dead after a battle?a.They collected the bodies of the enemies into piles of twenty (20) for counting.b.They cut offeachcorpses’phallus or handdepending on whether it was circumcised.c.Military scribes walked across the battlefields surveying the dead and recording the numbers in their ledgers.8.Which king is author of the following quotation, “I slew the Denyen in their islands, while the Tjeker and the Philistines were made ashes. The Sherden and the Weshesh of the Sea were made nonexistent”?a.Minosb.Achilleus (Achilles)c.Ramesses III9.The existence of the Medjayu in Egyptdemonstrates what important characteristic of Egyptian civilization?a.The Egyptians were very assimilative in absorbing this Nubian population into society.b.The Egyptians were extremely color conscious and prejudiced against those whose color or features were outsidethe Egyptian “norm”.c.The Egyptians treated these Nubians as an inferior castebecause of their dark skin.10.The earlier historical inspiration for the legendary Labyrinth of King Minos in the later Greek myth of Theseus, Ariadne, and the Minotaur was . . .a.the mortuary temple of King Menkaure in Egypt.b.the Hanging Gardens of King Nebuchadnezzar at Babylon.c.the great palace complex of Knossos on Crete.11.If the myth of Atlantis has any truth to it, it is based on . . .a.the island of Thera (Santorini), a Minoan colony in the Aegean Sea north of Crete.b.the sunken section of the island of Stromboli located north of Sicily.c.the city of Heraklion, Egypt, where the city slid under the sea, and where it rests today.12.According to Plato’sTimaeus andKritias, who was the primary god worshiped by the Empire of Atlantis and was responsible for destroying that mythical civilization?a.Poseidon, god of the seab.Zeus the Savior, patron of sailorsc.the Kraken sea monster13.What was Plato’s reason for recounting the legend of Atlantis? teach his students the real history of Athens 9,000 years before their time (i.e., MAGA, to “Make Athens Great Again!” relate a political parable about how a good society might turn corrupt and evil and show how the unpredictable gods could destroy societies by flood, earthquake, and volcanic eruption on mere whim.14.In comparing events in Plutarch’s Life of Theseusin his “Reports”together with Plato’s Timaeus and Kritias, one concludes . . .a.a hero is a person of great ability who must necessarily be in the right place at the right time.b.even the greatest civilizations can be brought down when they lose their moral basis, and they confuse wealth, power, and might with goodness.c.essentially, might makes right; military and political power must combinewith autilitarian vision to advance and preservethe state against all enemies.15.To which real place does Kritias’ physical description of Atlantis–with its concentric canals– have a certain resemblance?a.the coastline of Egypt and the city of Alexandria before the seafront subsided.b.the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands Archipelago.c.the Aegean island of Thera (Santorini) before its eruption in the 17th century BC.16.The actual historical inspiration for the Minotaur (bull-man) in later Greek mythology was probably . . .a.the Egyptian cult of the Apis Bull and pharaoh’s ceremonial Running with the Bull.b.the Minoan veneration of the bull and traditional bull vaulting ceremony by young Minoans.c.the worship of the bull in the Persian cult of Mithra and ceremonial bathing in bull’s blood.17.The mythical Trojan war dramatized in Homer’sIliadis probably based on a dim memory of what actual event?a.Spartan invasion of Attica and attack on Athens in the Peloponnesian War (5th cent. BC).b.invasion of Asia Minor by Mycenaean Greeks after the fall of Mycenae and related Sea People migrations.(12th cent. BC)c.the collapse of Minoan civilization and dispersal of its population to the Aegean Isles and Asia (15th cent. BC)18.Minoan civilization is especially famous in history for. . .a.being history’s earliest society based on sea power and control of the sea.b.establishing colonies as far as Spain and trading with the southern coast of England.c.military conquest and subjugation of the entireMediterranean in the Late Bronze Age.19.Comparing the myths of Theseus and Ariadne and Jason and Medea shows that . . .a.Greek women remained loyal to their families and to their fathers even against their conventions dictated that Greek women take second place to men in society.c.women could conceivably betray their own families and their fathers for the men they loved.20.”Their confederation was the Philistines, Tjeker, Shekelesh, Denye(n), and Weshesh, lands united.” What is the historical significance of this federation?a.It means the members of Sparta’s Peloponnesian League against the Athenian Empire.b.It is the coalition of Sea People attacking Egypt afterthe fall of Mycenaean civilization.c.It is the mythical alliance of Athenians, Egyptians, and their allies against the Atlanteans.21.Timaeus and Kritias are important books because they recount . . .a.the myth of the Minotaur of Crete and the Minoan sea power which kept it.b.the migration of the Sea People at the collapse of Bronze Age Greece.c.a morality story of an ideal utopian society that went bad and was punished for it.22.Minoan civilization nominally takes its name from . . .a.the Kingdom of Minoa, an autonym or name the Cretans gave themselves.b.King Men (Greek: Menes or Menis), reputedly the first King of Egypt.c.King Minos, mythological king of Crete and mythical ruler of the islands of the AegeanSea.23.I am Solon. Why am I important?a.I am a Greek author who wrote the story of Theseus and Ariadne on Crete.b.I am a Greek statesman who reputedly brought the story of Atlantis to Greece from Egypt.c.I am the Greek law-giver who wrote the first constitution for the ancientMycenaeans.24.If the “Cretan Lie” of Odysseus has any basis in fact, what might it actually be based on?a.Cretans did plausibly inhabit the Island of Lotus-Eaters, where Odysseus stopped, now identified with an actual island off the coast of Libya.b.The Egyptians do record historical battles with Mycenaean sea raiders in theDelta in Dynasty 19, resulting in victories and prisoners, many who were forced to become mercenaries in the Egyptian army.c.The Cretans were a real presence in North Africa, where they were regular trading partners of the Phoenicians and even kept a trading colony on the African coast.25.According to the value system of early Greece, especially as depicted by the poet Homer, . . .a.war and bloody heroism were the highest ideals of Greek society, while love and family life were relegatedto inferior and secondary statusfit only for those incapable of heroism.b.war and love, and the bloody heroism of the battlefield together witha warm family life were ideals that all Greeks aspired and loyalty to one’s wife were not as importantto the Greek warrior as his military unit and loyalty to his fellow comrades in arms. Requirements: A,B or, C


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