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I’m studying for my Social Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?I. Please do the following before starting your first draft of your evaluation argument essay. Please read carefully.(1) Watch our Day 7 (March 31) class recording. It is uploaded to LA 207 02 Class Recordings on the LMS. It is very important for you to watch that recording in order for you to submit an acceptable first draft of your evaluation argument.(2) Watch the video below (a clip from my last term’s lecture) about the explanation of how you could write an evaluation argument essay using a student’s essay as a model.(3) Download the Evaluation Argument Assignment Sheet and the Evaluation Argument Sample 1.pdf (attached) and use them as your guide as you write your first draft.(4) Read and study attached LA 207 Reader Chapter Six (Evaluation Practices) andChapter Seven (Drafting the Evaluation). It is also very important for you to study these two chapters because they will also serve as a guide as you write your first draft.II. The following are reminders as you start writing your first draft. Please read carefully.(1) The topic of your evaluation argument must be the topic of your narrative argument essay (your first essay). For example, PJ’s narrative argument essay is about the use of marijuana, therefore his evaluation argument essay should also be about the use of marijuana.(2) The last sentence of your introduction is yourthesis statement (your evaluative claim). Make sure that you have three criteria in your thesis statement.In the Evaluation Argument Assignment Sheet, the thesis statement is:The elderly care industry is failing to meet the needs of elderly Americans because it is understaffed, under-regulated, and underfunded. (The underlined words are the three criteria.)In the Evaluation Argument Sample 1.pdf, the thesis statement is:They are suffering without an exit because they are not aware of their illnesses, they are victims of mental illness stigma or they can’t afford professional treatment. (The underlined clauses are the three criteria.)NOTE: (3) (4) (5) (6) are very important for your research. You MUST check out all the links.(3) Make sure that you keep a list of your sources (Works Cited), the last pages of your essay. Go to MLA Citation Guide(4) To access AAU Library for your research, go to Library Resources.(5) To find books, ebooks, and magazines, go here.(6) To know more about how to use AAU Library, go here.(7) Since this is your first draft, you are not expected to present a perfect piece of writing. Please remember that your first draft is your work in progress. I will be considerate when it comes to giving you a grade on your first draft.However, you are still expected to try your very best when it comes to accomplishing this assignment.(8) Post your first draft as PDF.(9) You must submit your assignment by Tuesday, 11:59pm (April 6). Your first draft will be used for peer reviews for Module 8 assignment, and I need to assign you a partner, so it is necessary that you have your first draft ready by then.(10) I will not give you any assignments other than your first draft, so that you could spend more time working on it.(11) Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.IMPORTANT:Please submit a rough, but complete draft of your evaluation argument here (5 paragraphs – introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion). Remember that your evaluation must clearly introduce the topic for review, consider criteria for review, and present reasons (using secondary research) to support your opinion about that set of criteria.All of this should be laid out in a standard introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion style. Requirements: 3 pages double spaced


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