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For this assignment, you will construct your own report of a quantitative analysis using a continuous/ratio dependent variable . Here are the basic parameters of your report: Research Question: To what extent do countries with better levels of women’s economic rights have higher levels of gross domestic product (GDP)? H1: As the level of women’s economic rights increases in a country, the level of GPD in that country will increase. Data: Democracy Cross-National Dataset 2015 IV: Women’s Economic Rights (WEcon) – This variable measures economic rights extended to women on a scale from 0 (no rights and systemic discrimination possibly protected by law) to 3 (full rights guaranteed and enforced by law).  This variable was collected by CIRI Human Rights Data Project. DV: GDP 2014 (GDP2014) – This variable measures GDP per capita accounted for purchasing power parity in 2015.  This variable was collected by the World Bank in 2015. Below are the results from Stata that follow the statistics plan for continuous/ratio dependent variables. In your research report, you will create the appropriate tables and summary paragraphs to determine if the data analysis supports your research hypothesis.  You must include the following tables: (A) summary statistics, (B) correlation table, and (c) an OLS regression table.  You must also include a full write-up of the results that addresses the following questions: (1) What is your hypothesis?; (2) What variables are you including and how are they measured?; (3) What are the descriptive statistics for your variables?; (4) Do the results of the correlation and regression support your research hypothesis?  Why or why not? Assignment Expectations and Grading Criteria You should type your paragraph responses to the questions above and create your tables in a word processing document following the examples given in the lecture for this module.  Please label your tables properly.  Do not assume that the reader has access to the Stata outputs included in the assignment instructions. Students are expected to present their research reports in a professional style, including following conventions for spelling and grammar.


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