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Step 1: Preliminary Analysis Modes 1-4 (textbook) describe the steps in the preliminary analysis. Show your analysis work in an appendix. Step 2: Preliminary design Mode 5 (textbook) describes the steps in developing a preliminary design. You are not physically making anything yet. This stage consists of design sketches. Step 3: Literature Review After you have a concept for something to make you will need to find out what others have already done. This step is where you conduct your own research to identify what exists that is similar to what you want to do and to explain how your solution, or adapted solution, is different in some way. Step 4: Final Design Using sketching as your key technique, you will develop multiple designs that address the users’ needs and the features of what you made. The information about user and context come from step 1. In this step you will also explain how your design matches the user and context. Note that the process of sketching is also an iterative process of design and evaluation. As such, you should not simply provide your first designs here, but instead use this as an opportunity to develop thoughtful designs that support the intended activities identified in the previous milestone. “Multiple designs” refers to versions, ‘design 1.0’, design 1.1’, etc. You are not physically making anything yet. This stage consists of design sketches. Step 5: Project Development The chosen design is now implemented in a tangible way. Provide a brief explanation of the design process. One way is to provide a timeline of your work to show how you got from the start to the finish of your project. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate your creative process. Step 6: Project Description The purpose of this last section is to briefly describe your project. Begin with a description of what it is (picture with notes and callouts) and then what it does (pictures or description of how it is used). Your report will have the six heading above. There is a maximum word count of 1000 words. There is no limit for images, tables, or figures. The appendix does not count toward the word count.


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