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I need support with this Political Science question so I can learn better.Note to tutor: I will give you my canvas log in info to complete the assignments the proper way. InstructionsStep 1: Download PDF of the articlePOSC 121 – Hall, Andrew B., Connor Huff, and Shiro Kuriwaki. 2019. “Wealth, Slaveownership, and Fighting for the Confederacy: An Empirical Study of the American Civil War.” The American Political Science Review 113 (3): 658–73.
Step 2: Analyze the ArticleIdentify the 12 parts of the article, as described in the Anatomy of a Journal Article and elaborated upon in the Details of Analyzing Journal Articles, and you can also review the Walkthrough.
Optional: Schedule a tutoring appointment with the Writing Center or meet with a NetTutor (if available) if you want a 3rd party to help you think through this assignment
Optional: Upload a picture of you Writing Center Tutoring slip or a screenshot of your NetTutor interaction as evidence
Step 3: Demonstrate identification of partsPaper: hand write on the margins or the back of the page
Electronic: electronically highlight the text and/or comment in margins of the page
Step 4: Write Out the Research DesignOf the 12 parts, only one of them needs to be written out: Research Design. The Research Design is how the author compares the effect of the explanatory variable (X) on the outcome variable (O) in a group (G) or set of groups.
If needed, return to the Details of Analyzing Journal Articles page and the Walkthrough Presentation for clarification on the concept.
Visit “Journal Article Analysis” webpage on my personal website (Links to an external site.)
For an in-depth discussion on research design, you can read Chapter 6 – Elements of Research Design in Introduction to Political Science Research Methods (Links to an external site.).
You can also join an iPoliSci Workshop on Journal Article Analysis.
Step 5: Upload your file upload submissionPaper: If you hand wrote your analysis on a printed paper, please use CamScanner app (Links to an external site.), use “Batch” function to take pictures of each page and create a single PDF. After a single PDF is created, please upload the file.
Electronic Option 1: If you used Adobe PDF software to annotate, then you can upload the annotated file
Electronic Option 2: You can try annotating in the Canvas Student App.How do I submit a PDF assignment with annotations in the Student app on my iOS device? (Links to an external site.)
How do I submit a PDF assignment with annotations in the Student app on my Android device?
Requirements:   |   .doc file | Discussion | 1 pages, Single spaced


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