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Help me study for my Communications class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Assignment ContentYou are the new Public Information Officer (PIO) assigned by the Chief of Police. You work for a mid-sized metropolitan police agency that has always relied on the utilization of a city information officer for any media or public communication. Until now, your agency never had an assigned public information officer specifically for the police department. Your agency is growing and is expected to add an additional 25 patrol officers in the next two years. These added officer positions are in addition to a newly created Federal Drug Task Force, where two new detective positions were added. These positions will create a larger budget for the police department and you have been informed that taxpayers are not necessarily receptive to these costs. There is also a social justice movement in your city demanding the defunding of the department. Two of 10 city council members are talking about taking funds from the police department and giving that money to social services within the City. As the new PIO, you are required to submit a written communication plan to the Chief of Police detailing how you would draft public notification of the departmental growth and change, reassignments of patrol areas, and overall agency changes occurring in relation to these positions. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that addresses the following:Describe the genre of communication you would use such as a paper format, social media, public announcement, press release, or a televised media conference.
support you selection of genre with referenced facts from the text of academic sources
If increased social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, required for the departmental growth.
Support your decision with referenced facts.
How far ahead of these positions being hired would you relay the message?
What do you do with citizens who communicate an opposition the hiring of additional officer causing extra taxes?
Who are your stakeholders in this public notice?
What are the differing concerns of internal communication versus external communication on this issue?
Support your concerns with referenced facts.
How often would you follow up on the notification? Quarterly, monthly, or annually?
Requirements: 1 hour


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