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Step 1
Click this Link (Links to an external site.) to read an article regarding the differential way that Black criminals are depicted in the media compared to White criminals.
This article is just one example of many instances of how the media portrays different identity groups differently.  There is much research on this topic. It is like buying a new car, and suddenly you notice everyone driving your car when you never noticed it before.  Those who are not affected or targeted by “-isms” may not notice them until they objectively observe comparisons in life around them. It is natural and normal to have “blind spots” like this and happens to everyone. Just as you can be White and possibly may not fully perceive the struggle of racial minorities, you can be a Black man and not fully perceive the struggle of a White woman or gay White man or foreign-born employee. Even White men face the struggle of being blamed for racism in America, which has emotional costs. The reality is that many White men and women died for the rights of racial minorities and continue to risk their lives. Embracing diversity does not equate to shaming White men. Regardless of your identity, we all should “check” our bias before engaging in this first discussion board, and all future discussion boards. 
Step 2
Watch the following video:
Sexism Sells — But We’re Not Buying It (Links to an external site.)
Step 3
Go to Project Implicit website at (Links to an external site.) then click on the Project Implicit Social Attitudes link in the box on the left side of the page, complete 1 test  that compares identity groups or demographic groups. It is also important to acknowledge that bias is inherent in everyone’s perspectives and no one is immune from exhibiting bias towards others. That is why individuals should recognize self-reflection as a method for understanding one’s own biases. As a result, using our higher intelligence we possess as human beings, we may overcome or condition ourselves to not subconsciously act on our bias, but only if we first are made aware that it exists. 
Pick two of the following essay questions and answer them using at least 75 words for each question.
1) Were your results what you expected? Why or why not? 
2) How are implicit biases helpful? Counter productive?
3) What will you do with your results? 
4) How does either video or the reading reflect how implicit attitudes held by society can affect others?
5) Does the video or reading remind you of a personal event or story you would like to share? Please share it.
Part A: Your first post is due Wednesday and should end with an original question of your own for your classmates to answer. 
Part B: Your additional posts, due no later than Sunday will include answering 2 of your classmates’ questions.
Part A is worth 10 points and part B is worth 10 points totaling 20 points for this assignment.
Please be respectful of others’ opinions and be mindful that this course may reveal to many of us the unconscious norms that guide our way of thinking.  Such information can be a shock to most and some will accept it while others will not.  Any disrespectful dialogue including name calling will not be tolerated. 


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