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QUESTION 1 A saline solution with a mass of 400 g has 30 g of NaCl dissolved in it. What is the mass/mass percent concentration of the solution?
a.            0.075%
b.            7.5%
c.             133%
d.            75%
e.            13.33%
QUESTION 2 Austenitic steel is composed of 74% iron, 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Which of the following can be called the solute(s)?
a.            nickel alone
b.            chromium and nickel
c.             chromium and iron
d.            chromium alone
e.            iron and nickel
QUESTION 3Which of the following would be most likely to form a solution?
a.            wax and oil
b.            oil and water
c.             wax and water
d.            water and carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)
QUESTION 4Match the following terms with the definitions
Saturated solution
Unsaturated solution
Concentration calculation relates moles of solute to liters of solution
“Like dissolves like” rule
A.the amount of a substance required to form a saturated solution with a specific amount of solvent at a specified temperature
B.the part of the solution that does the dissolving
C.homogeneous mixture of solute(s) and solvent
D.a solution that contains less solute than a saturated solution under the existing conditions
E.a solution that is holding all of the solute possible
F.the part of the solution that gets dissolved
G.a substance that dissolves in water to give a solution that does not conduct an electric current
I.solute and solvent form solution when their polarity is similar
J.a substance that dissolves in water to give a solution that conducts electric current
QUESTION 5Hydrogen bonds are intermolecular forces.
QUESTION 6As a rule, a polar substance will be a good solvent for nonpolar solutes, and vice versa.
QUESTION 7Which statement concerning solutions is FALSE?
a.            Solutions consist of solutes and solvents.
b.            Aqueous solutions have water as the solvent.
c.             Solutes cannot be filtered from a solution.
d.            Solutions are always liquids.
e.            Solutions are homogeneous mixtures.
QUESTION 8Vitamin D is essential for the normal development of teeth and bones. A tablet of Vitamin D is tested for its solubility in water and benzene. The results are shown in the table below. What is the most appropriate interpretation of the solubility results?
benzene (C6H6)
a.Vitamin D is likely a nonpolar substance.
b.Vitamin D is likely an ionic compound.
c.It is impossible to say anything about the polarity of Vitamin D without knowing its structure.
d.Vitamin D is likely a bipolar substance.
e.Vitamin D is likely a polar substance.
QUESTION 9Le Chatelier’s principle states that if a stress is placed on a system at equilibrium, the system will respond by altering the equilibrium composition in such a way as to relieve the stress.
QUESTION 10A reversible reaction is said to have reached equilibrium when which of the following conditions is established?
a.The concentrations of reactants and products become equal.
b.The reactants are completely consumed.
c.The rate of the forward reaction diminishes to zero.
d.The rates of the forward and reverse reactions become equal.
e.The reverse reaction begins to occur.
QUESTION 11If the attractive forces between the ions and water are stronger than the attraction between the ions in the crystal solid, an ionic compound dissolves in water.
QUESTION 12Only solids dissolve in water to form solutions.
QUESTION 13Water solubility for neutral molecules occurs only for small polar molecules or those with many O or N atoms that can hydrogen bond to water.
QUESTION 14Methanol (CH3OH) is soluble in water.


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